PROLOCKEY (127mm – 165MM) – Gate Valve Lockout

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Lockable size:

SGVL01: 1-2.5in (25mm-64mm)   SGVL02:2.5-5in (64mm-127mm)

SGVL03:5-6.5in (127mm-165mm)  SGVL04:6.5-10in  (165mm-254mm)

SGVL05:10-13in (254mm-330mm)   Color: Red, green, yellow, blue.

Standard Gate Valve Lockout 

a) Made from durable ABS, extremely regged injection-molding, for superior impact and chemical resistance.

b) Once locked, it covers around the hand wheel and prevent the valve wheel from being turned.

c) Accept up to 1 padlock, locking shackle max diameter 7mm, up to 3/8 in. in diameter.

d) Available in 5 sizes and red color, other colors can be customized, providing English tag.

e) Transparent gate valve lockout is supported, material PC.

f) Mormally red, yellow, blue and green. Other colors can be customized.

g) 5 sizes available, 1-2.5 in., 2.5-5 in., 5-6.5 in., 6.5-10 in., 10-13 in.

h) Safety gate valve lockout device deny access and cover the valve handle. this unique knockout center fits OS & Y or “rising stem” valve.

Center knockout can be removed for rising stem gate valves.

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