Abus 74/40 Padlock Aluminium With Master Key

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  • Solid aluminum core with steel shackle for best physical strength
  • Body and shackle insulated against electric shock
  • NANO-PROTECT™ shackle for superior corrosion resistance
  • Intrinsically safe, key retaining
  • Automatic locking for user convenience
  • Compact and lightweight
  • High precision 6-pin cylinder for better tamper resistance

Minimum Order 10
Include 10 KD & 1 Master Key
Available in: Blue, Black, Green, Red, Yellow

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• Isolated
• Compact, lightweight, and superior corrosion and chemical resistance
• Good heat resistance
• Shackle and plastic housing can be changed
• Double bolt locking mechanism
• Automatic locking for best usability combined with key retaining function for higher safety
• Precision 6-pin cylinder with high number of key differs

• Solid aluminum body, protected by ABS cover
• Shackle made from steel with plastic co
• Suitable for food industry: lubricant FDA-approved (NSF: H1 classification)
• Service: laser engraving, master key systems and KA padlocks

Temperature Range
• -20°C to 90°C (-4°F to 194°F)
• Flame rating: UL94HB

Chemical Resistance
All approved chemicals listed are based on the manufactures specified chemical.
Resistance chart for the plastic material only.

Chemical Grade
Mineral lubricants Resistant
Aliphatic hydrocarbons Resistant
Aromatic hydrocarbons Not resistant
Gasoline Resistant
Weak mineral acids Resistant
Strong mineral acids Not resistant
Weak organic acids Resistant
Strong organic acids Conditionally resistant
Oxidizing acids Not resistant
Weak bases Resistant
Trichlorethylene Not resistant
Perchlorethylene Conditionally resistant
Acetone Conditionally resistant
Alcohols Conditionally resistant
Hot water (hydrolysis resistance) Resistant
UV light and weather Conditionally resistant
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