Glove Revolution Eska Phoenix 5F 8053

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New with the highest values in abrasion resistance 4 and cut resistance 5 in accordance with EN 388, the gloves are also distinguished by their dexterity and maximum wearing comfort. To ensure exceptional heat resistance, „Phönix 5F “ is made out of Nomex®/Kevlar® with PROmarble coating.

Available Size : 7, 8, 9, 10

Glove Revolution Eska Phoenix 5F 8053

Product information on “Eska fire fighting Glove Revolution PhöniX-E 5”
The textile deployment glove Phönix 5F impresses with the best heat and flame resistance as well as a high level of resistance
Degree of freedom of movement. The high quality Kevlar® material with PROmarble coating on the back of the hand
ensures a high level of abrasion and heat protection. The incorporated stretch absorbers with air cushion inclusions
protect against shock, shock and heat.

The movement creases on the fingers and thumb make the
Heat protection and dexterity also increased. The abrasion-resistant Nomex® / Kevlar® palm with PROmarble
Coating offers maximum protection and grip, even on smooth and wet surfaces. The flame-resistant
Cut protection lining made of Kevlar® / Inox / LCP protects the firefighter from sharp objects
and sharp edges (highest performance level 5F).

Thanks to the GORE® CROSSTECH® insert + Gore Grip technology

Phönix 5F offers a safe barrier against moisture, chemicals, oil, gasoline, blood and viruses – all at the same time
highest breathability. The incorporation of the inner lining, the fixation of the insert and the connection with
the outer cover are made using the tried and tested process patented by ESKA to prevent unwanted pulling out
of the feed permanently.

The well thought-out, adjustable 2-belt system makes it possible Glove Revolution
the perfect fixation over the jacket (Phönix 5F, long cuff) or under the jacket (Phönix-E 5F, knitted cuff).
All mechanical and thermal maximum values ​​were measured both when new and after pre-treatment
certified for 20 washes at 60 ° C. The anatomical, layered 3D cut is of the natural posture
adapted to the hand to guarantee the best possible fit and freedom of movement.

We trust
exclusively on European materials that are subject to strict quality controls in Austria. The
Fire brigade gloves come with a long cuff (model Phönix 5F) or with a 100% Kevlar® knitted cuff
(Model Phönix-E 5F) available.


  • Insert: GORE-TEX® + Gore Grip product technology
  • Available with a long Aramid cuff or in a shorter version with a 100% Kevlar® knitted cuff
  • The water-, windproof and breathable GORE-TEX® + Gore Grip insert is permanently attached to the inner glove (ESKA® patent)
  • The stretch absorbers with air cushioning in the whole knuckle area of the backhand, also offer impact, shock and heat protection
  • The double strap system guarantees a secure hold and that the gloves can be quickly put on and removed



  • Backhand: Kevlar® with silicon/carbon coating
  • Palm: Kevlar® with PROmarble coating (granite-silicone-carbon)


  • Backhand: 100% Kevlar
  • Palm: Cut protection lining made of Kevlar® with steel fiberglass and silver threads

Performance features EN 659:2003 + A1:2008

TDM cut test ISO 13997: maximum level F

4 5 4 4 4

A = ABRASION (lowest 0, highest 4)
C = CUT RESISTANCE (lowest 0, highest 4)
R = RESISTANCE TO TEAR PROPAGATION (lowest 0, highest 4)
P = PUNCTURE RESISTANCE (lowest 0, highest 4)
D = DEXTERITY (lowest 0, highest 4)

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