Product Description

Protective Apparel C&G Nomex Arc Flash Elektrik 40cal

Material :
Dupont® Protera®/Arcpro Kain


Features :
Anti-Static, Anti-wrinkle, Breathable and Flame-Retardant

Standart :
ASTM F1959, NFPA 70E

Application :
Industrial electric power

Jenis: Arc Flash Jubah dan Bib keseluruhan
Bahan: Dupont® Protera®/Arcpro Kain
APTV: 40cal/cm2
Fitur: Arc flash protection
Warna: Angkatan laut biru, medium biru Biru tua di saham Abu-abu, oranye, dll
Ukuran: Eropa, Asia atau disesuaikan
Standar: ASTM F1959, NFPA 70E
Aplikasi: Daya listrik industri

Function of NOMEX Arc Flash Suits

The protection provided from NOMEX Arc Flash suits gives a person the benefit of a few seconds to escape the Arc flash, by preventing the burning of skin. The main characteristic of NOMEX material is to self extinguish. (inflammable).

NOMEX material is light in weight, does not support combustion, but begins to char  at  700°  to  800  °F.  The fabric, similar to nylon, is abrasion resistant, and is also non-absorbent.

NOMEX Arc Flash suites should always be worn when operating high voltage systems for example 11kv, 22kv or 33kv systems in applications such as switchgear inside C&Gs. (eg. 132kv/11kv) This is to protect against the potential hazard of an arc flash.

NFPA 70E Arc Flash Suits ·

NFPA 70E-rated arc flash protective clothing and electrical arc flash hazrd kits are a safety requirement for employees working on or near energized industrial equipment. We carry a wide selection of 70E Arc Flash HRC 1, HRC 2, HRC 3, and HRC 4 kits, arc flash coveralls, arc flash coats, arc flash jackets, arc flash electrical safety gloves, and accessories by NSA National Safety Apparel, Workrite, Steel Grip, OEL Worldwide and other leading electric protective apparel manufacturers.

Anchortex Corporation is a distributor of Hazard Risk Category 1, Hazard Risk Category 2, Hazard Risk Category 3, and Hazard Risk Category 4 arc flash protective gear for industrial and electrical safety and NFPA 70E compliance in the workplace, including gloves, hoods, coveralls, coats, and complete arc flash suits and arc flash kits. Many of our products can be customized by the manufacturer upon request to add NFPA 70E-safe logos and emblems; contact our sales department for more information.

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